The 5th IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications (CCTA 2021) will commence on Monday Aug 9 at 6:30am (PST). The information below (sent also in email form) provides you with important information about accessing the CCTA programs and contents.

  1. Information for all participants
  2. Information for workshop attendees
  3. Information for presenters
  4. Information for session chairs/co-chairs
  5. Backup Plans

Information for all participants

PaperPlaza Virtual Conference Platform (VCP) is live and accessible:

You will need your PaperPlaza PIN/Password in order to login, and you must be registered for this to work.

All presentations are pre-recorded and accessible through VCP. We recommend you spend a few minutes prior to the conference to familiarize yourself with the platform.

The time zone for all activities is Pacific Standard Time (PST).

The conference proceedings/preprints are available for download from the Virtual Conference Platform.

If you have questions or comments, you can reach us using the 2021 CCTA Slack channel.

Zoom links will take you to the live session only during the specified period.

Information for workshops attendees

Pre-conference workshops are scheduled to start on Sunday Aug 8 at 8:30am (PST).

You can participate in the workshop you are registered for using the Zoom link embedded in PaperPlaza by logging into the VCP.

Information for presenters

The sessions will be accessed via Zoom links embedded in the PaperPlaza program.

Navigate through the program to your session and click on the Zoom link in the box, upper right screen labeled Related Files/Links.

A student host will open the session and start each video running at the assigned time in the program. The student host is able to assist with technology needs during the session.

While the video is playing questions from participants can be entered into the chat session at the bottom of the screen and the presenter can respond with answers.

When the video is finished playing, the presenter will have ~5 minutes to answer questions live.

Information for session chairs/co-chairs

Session chairs and co-chairs should join the session 5 minutes before start time and identify themselves to the session host.

The session host will assign the chair and co-chair Zoom co-host permissions.

The session chair/co-chair will start each talk on time by introducing each speaker and requesting that the host start the video presentation.

When the video is completed, the chair/co-chair will invite participants to ask questions.

Due to the virtual nature of the conference, we have short breaks between sessions. Therefore, each session must end at the time stated in the program to allow the next session to proceed. 

Backup plans

Finally, we have a back up platform, running on a different server, live and ready. In the unlikely event that we experience issues with the above VCP, we will provide instructions on how to access conference contents and Zoom sessions through this platform. This and other time sensitive information will be announced on CCTA 2021 Slack channel.