Student Best Paper Award

The CCTA 2021 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the CCTA 2021 Student Best Paper Award. The award is funded by the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) and has been established to recognize excellence in a CCTA paper whose primary contributor is a Student Member of the IEEE. Selection for the award is based on originality, clarity, and potential impact on practical applications of control, and all student nominees are expected to present their paper at the CCTA 2021. Details of the award, including a list of past recipients, can be found at:

The nomination for this award is open until May 15, 2021 May 24, 2021, and nominations must be made via Paperplaza:

To make a nomination follow the “Submit a Contribution to Awards 2021” link on the main Paperplaza page and then select “CCTA Best Student Paper Award Nomination” link.


The primary author must be a student at the time of the CCTA 2021 deadline for the initial paper submission, and an IEEE Student Member for the year 2021. The nominated paper must have been accepted for presentation at the CCTA 2021.


Nominations must be made by the student’s professor (advisor) and include a paragraph:

  • certifying that the nominee is the main author of the paper,
  • certifying that the nominee was a student at the time of the CCTA deadline for initial paper submission,
  • certifying that the nominee has an IEEE membership for the current year,
  • containing a brief description of the contribution of the paper,
  • explaining the main reason for nomination for the award, and
  • providing the advisor’s contact information as well as the student IEEE membership number.

Nominations are limited to one paper per advisor.

The nominee must present the paper at CCTA 2021.  The finalists and winners of the award are decided by a dedicated CSS committee.


Evaluation of the nominated papers was carried out by an independent CSS. committee. We are happy to announce the three finalists, from which the winner will be selected:

  • Davide Marcato, for the paper entitled: “Machine Learning-based Anomaly Detection for Particle Accelerators” (advisor: Professor Gian Antonio Susto). Session Mo 07:55-09:55, Track T7, Room T7.
  • Muhammad Aadil Khan, for the paper entitled: “Global Sensitivity Analysis of Aging Parameters for a Lithium-ion Battery Cell using Optimal Charging Profiles” (advisor: Professor Simona Onori). Session Mo 07:55-09:55, Track T7, Room T7.
  • Jairo Viola, for the paper entitled: “Fractional-Order Stochastic Extremum Seeking Control with Dithering Noise for Plasma Impedance Matching” (advisor: Professor YangQuan Chen Session Mo 07:55-09:55, Track T7, Room T7.

IEEE CSS Student Travel Support Program

Program Details

The Organizing Committee of CCTA 2021 is pleased to announce Student Support, made available by the IEEE Control Systems Society. Offering complimentary conference and workshop registration, these CSS funds are meant to help students attend CCTA 2021 and become more integrated into the CSS scientific community.

The Student Support will grant complimentary Student Registration and complimentary registration for Workshops.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Receiving the Student Support for the online CCTA 2021 will not penalize applications for the award in future years.

Eligibility and Requirements

Each applicant must be a student member of both IEEE and CSS, at the time of the conference registration.

Those who are not CSS student members yet are welcome to become a member!

Only in case the number of applicants exceeds the budget, additional criteria will be used to make a selection among the applicants.
Priority will be given to student members who are an author or co-author of one (or more) paper(s) accepted for presentation and are going to present the paper(s) at the conference. Additional criteria, in decreasing order of importance, prefer applicants who will present more than one paper at the conference, have been student members of the CSS since more years, can demonstrate active participation in CSS. In addition, the selection committee may decide to limit awards where more than one presenter from the same institution would otherwise be offered an award to attend the same conference.

Application Procedures

The application website opens on May 6 and closes on June 16 June 23. To apply, students must fill in the form that can be downloaded here or is available at

using login: student
password: student-ccta21

The filled form must be converted to PDF format, and uploaded/submitted through PaperPlaza as follows:

  • Step 1: Select Submit a paper or session proposal for the CCTA 2021
  • Step 2: Select First Submissions: Student Travel Form (please make sure that the student who is applying for the travel support is listed as corresponding author of the application)
  • Step 3: To complete the application procedure, the Student’s Advisor must contact via e-mail Giulia Giordano (, Student Activities Chair of the IEEE Control Systems Society, and provide her with the following information:
    • Certification that the applicant is currently enrolled as a student under the advisor’s supervision. If applicable, also state that the student co-authored and is going to present one (or more) paper(s) at CCTA 2021.

Deadlines and Award Notification

  • May 6: the application website opens
  • June 16 June 23: the application website closes
  • June 18 June 26: decision messages about support recipients are expected to be sent out
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not register until you have received the decision letter where the details of the special registration procedure for Student Support Awardees will be announced. Please be aware that the registration fee may not be reimbursed in case you have already registered using the standard registration procedure!
  • June 28: deadline for registering and uploading the final version of the manuscript.