Childcare Reimbursement

In an effort to promote diversity and inclusion, the CCTA organizing committee is pleased to support reimbursement grants for CCTA attendees who incur additional childcare expenses as a result of conference attendance. Grants of up to $500 per family are available for reasonable expenses as outlined in the approved policy. Eligible applicants include parents or guardians (registered attendee) who incur additional expenses at his or her home location, above normal child-care expenses, while attending the conference. For purposes of this program, dependent children for whom expenses have been incurred must be 12 years old or younger. Applicants must fill out an online application found here. The deadline for the application will be June 28th, 2021. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by July 15th, 2021. The applicant will be required to submit a reimbursement request form and appropriate receipt documentation after the conference. 

Additional questions can be directed to Diversity and Inclusion Chair, Dr. Ann Majewicz Fey.